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Route To Certification


STEP 1: Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Fill in the details on the quotation page and a member of staff from CARSQA will contact you to discuss the information provided. At that point a formal quotation, acceptance form and regulations will be sent to you.

STEP 2: Application Process

Submit your acceptance form to confirm you agree to our terms and conditions and quotation for the certification activities defined. On return of your completed acceptance form, CARSQA will contact you to discuss your planned timescale and offer support through to certification while you develop your systems.

STEP 3: Check Your Status ready for certification – Stage One assessment.

CARSQA will need to review your understanding, awareness and status of the planned implementation of the standard to determine you are ready for the initial verification audit.

STEP 4: Assessment

Initial Assessment conducted

The initial assessment will be conducted, during the assessment the lead assessor will be interviewing top management, staff, documentation, procedures etc. At the end of the assessment the assessor will notify you of the recommendation.

STEP 5: Registration

Following your Lead Assessor’s recommendation assuming the recommendation is positive, your registration will be formally confirmed at CARSQA where a Certificate will be issued. Your CARSQA registered certificate will arrive soon after, this will include the certification logo and regulations.

STEP 6: Ongoing

Surveillance On going assessments will be conducted in line with your initial quotation, to verify compliance on a continual basis.