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ISO Certification


ISO 9001 Certification

ISO9001 will help you demonstrate to customers that you have a commitment to providing a professional service or product. The regular assessment process will help you to continually use, monitor and improve your management system and processes to focus on continual changes and expectations of customer, stakeholder, interested parties and contract requirements.

Registration can improve overall performance, widen market opportunities and help a business to keep up to date and review legal and statutory requirements.

In addition, ISO9001 is designed to be compatible with other management systems standards and specifications such as Health and Safety, Environmental, PAS43 Recovery specification, BS10125 Specification for vehicle damage repair processes and National Highway Sector Schemes. This is commonly known as integrated systems. They share common principles so choosing an integrated management system can give excellent value for money.

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ISO & PAS 43 Certification

ISO 9001 will help you demonstrate to customers that you have a commitment to quality. The regular assessment process will help you to continually use, monitor and improve your management system and processes.

PAS 43 is the publicly available management system specification since 2002 for the safe working of vehicle breakdown and recovery operators, can be assessed as an integrated system with ISO 9001, or standalone as a specification (See PAS 43 inspection).

Sponsored by SURVIVE (Safe Use of Roadside Verges In Vehicular Emergencies) the purpose of the group is to improve the safety of breakdown operatives, employees and customers at breakdown and recovery situations.

PAS 43 as a specification is a practical management system defining requirements and best practice for the recovery and roadside assistance industry. ‘Safe Working Practices’ with regard to equipment, vehicles and the training of staff against current Health & Safety legislation; as well as enabling a recovery operator to demonstrate ‘Due Diligence’ with regards to the many and varied roadside activities.

Environmental – ISO 14001 Certification

Environmental issues have come to the forefront in recent years with greater awareness amongst legislators, insurers, financiers, shareholders customers, employees and the general public. Concern for the environment has forced the international community to look at ways of reducing the impact on the environment to ensure it is protected for future generations. These have mainly taken the form of legislation and regulations. Breaches of such legislation and disregard for the environment generally are becoming costly in terms of liability, publicity and health.

ISO 14001 can be used as a tool for ensuring compliance to the extensive environmental legislative requirements, reducing your risk of prosecution and fostering more awareness amongst employees.

Reasons for implementing ISO 14001

  • Establish a uniform approach to meet the company’s environmental policy.
  • Ensure that regulatory requirements are consistently met.
  • Increase operational efficiency and minimise wastage.

Benefits of Certification to ISO 14001

  • Environmental awareness within the organisation.
  • Cost savings and reduction in resource usage.
  • ISO 14001 integrates well with the company’s existing management system portfolio.
  • Improved compliance with legislation.
  • Minimise risks and liability by identifying aspects and impacts.
  • Certification being used as an effective sales tool.
  • Competitive advantage – business won from non-ISO 14001 competitors.
  • A demonstration to stakeholders of environmental commitment

ISO 9001/PAS 43 & NHSS17A/B

The National Highways Sector Scheme 17 (NHSS 17) is in addition to PAS 43 and specifically addresses the following two areas:

  • Vehicle Recovery at Highway Construction Sites – NHSS 17A
  • Vehicle Recovery & Removal on Controlled Roads – NHSS 17B

NHSS 17 can only be applied with the integration of ISO 9001 & PAS 43 and not as a standalone certification.

It applies to organisations providing contracted vehicle removal and recovery at highway construction sites where a free recovery service is provided during construction work (NHSS 17A)

Where applicable this includes highway maintenance and construction sites on motorways, high-speed dual carriageways and other roads as required by Highways England, it is not applicable to Wales and Scotland.

It may also be a Police scheme requirement for the preservation of evidence and may therefore be applicable to operators providing SOCO bays and compound facilities for the Police.

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